How to hide the standard menu before loading the Multi-level menu, in the desktop version

Add the required script in the store settings

The Ecwid's scripts load first on the site, then all the others, so a standard menu appears firstly before the Multi-level menu appears in the desktop version (Fig. 1). 


You can remove this menu only on the Ecwid start site, by adding CSS styles in the "Meta tags for site verification" block (Fig. 2.):

1. For old design (  
.pushmenu-btn {
    display: none!important; 
</style> ) . 

2. For a new design (New-gen Instant Site)

/*start settings for displaying the menu in a new design*/   
#ec-instantsite .ins-tile--header { display: none; } 
/*end settings for displaying the menu in a new design*/

How to determine which site design is included in your store, "Installed Multi-level menu, how can I start?

To navigate, use the path Site > SEO > Header meta tags and site verification and click on the "Add code" or "Edit" button.

Fig. 2 shows a view of an empty block.

Fig. 2.

Fig. 3 shows the block view with the code added earlier.

Fig. 3.

Add the copied styles to the block that opens, click on the save button, go to the mobile version of the site and check that there is no standard Ecwid menu.

Recommended settings for the starter site

Нow to hide the blue native icon in the mobile version of the Multi-level menu

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