Installed Multi-level menu, how can I start?

Check if all preconfiguration options are enabled

1. Understand which design of the start site is included

After installing the menu, you need to understand which design theme works in your store, depending on this the Menu settings may differ.

You need to go to Settings  Settings > What's New > New-gen Instant Site (Fig. 1)

Обновленный стартовый сайтFig. 1.

The setting is enabled – the new design of the Ecwid start-up site works.
The setting is disabled – the old design works.

2. You have a new design (Updated start-up site)

If you have the setting enabled (Fig.1.), then after installing the menu, the menu will not automatically appear on your start site, so next, you need to read the article "In case your installed Multi-level menu doesn’t appear"

3. You have an old design of the start-up site

f the setting is disabled (Fig. 1.), it means that you have the old design of the Ecwid start site and the Multi-level menu will automatically load on the start site. You can safely move on, moving on to checking the presence of the following settings that affect the smooth appearance of the Multi-level menu without visual jumps that appear from the standard menu in Ecwid, so to do this, read the articles:

1. How to hide the standard Ecwid menu (burger button) in the mobile version before loading the Multi-level menu

2. How to hide the standard menu in the desktop version of the site before loading the multi-level menu

4. The setting "Automatic" loading of the Multi-level menu application in the product browser is enabled (Fig. 2)

To load the Menu on the store's start site, this setting must be enabled in any design.

Fig. 2.

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