In case your installed Multi-level menu doesn’t appear

Enable the Menu by adding the wish settings

If the menu did not appear in your store after installing the "Multi-level menu" application, then there are 2 reasons for this:

1. You have recently launched an online store; 

2. You have recently switched to the new design of the Ecwid (New-gen Instant Site), which appeared in early 2021. (Fig.0.)

New-gen Instant SiteFig.0.

In the first and second cases, our Menu cannot appear automatically, because in the new Ecwid design all scripts are disabled

To display the Multi-level menu in the store, you need to add a script to the main page.

1. Copy the Script

  1. Go to the settings Multi-level menu Catalog:
     Catalog > Multi-level menu > Menu widget > Widget HTML code  
  2.  In the block (unite) that opens, copy the entire code. (Fig. 1)

Fig. 2Fig. 1.

2. Add the Script to the defined (chosen)  block.

1. Go to the "Meta tags for site verification" section. Use the path Website > SEO > Header meta tags and site verification and click on the "add code" button. (Fig. 2.)

Fig. 2.

2. Figure 2 shows an example of what the "Header meta tags and site verification" block will look like if there is no code in it. If there is already some code in this block, then we write our code at the very bottom, after the existing code. (Fig. 2.1.)

Fig. 2.1Fig. 2.1.

3. Save the settings

4. If only our script is added to the "Header meta tags and site verification" block, then the block should look like in Fig. 3. 

Fig. 3

Fig. 3.

4. If only our script is added to the "Header meta tags and site verification" block, then the block should look like in Fig. 3.1

Fig. 3.1

Fig. 3.1. 

3. Checking the list of containers

The menu may not load in the new design, because containers from the old design theme can be registered in the Compatibility options > Container

To check the list of containers, go to Compatibility options > Container (Fig.4.)


  • List of containers for old design (starter site):    .starter-site .body .menu, .ecwid-productBrowser  (Fig. 4.)
  • List of containers for new design (New-gen Instant Site):    #ec-instantsite .ins-tile--header, .starter-site .body .menu, .ec-static-container, .ecwid-productBrowser  (Fig. 4.1.)

Fig. 4.1.

If you checked the list of containers and the list from the old design is registered in the "Container" block, then you need to copy the list for the new design and add it to the "Container" block. Click on the "Save options.

4. Go to the Store's page and check the menu functionality

After saving the settings, go to the store page and check the loading of the Multi-level menu, then update the page

If after updating the Multi-level menu still has not appeared, so you have made a mistake somewhere in the steps, go back to the beginning and carefully go through the above steps again

Check the list below, have you made all the settings in the Multi-level menu?

1.  In the desktop version, hide the standard Ecwid menu before loading the menu.

2. How to hide the blue native icon in the mobile version of the Multi-level menu site

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